Light From The Word Ministry - Your Word is a lamp to my feet; a light to my path
Here are some selections from the sermons of Charles Spurgeon which have blessed us.  These selections come from "The Essential Works of Charles Spurgeon Updated in Today's Language" by Barbour Publishing, Inc.
I know that I deserve the deepest hell at the hand of God’s vengeance, but I am not afraid! He will never forsake me, for He forsook His Son on my behalf.
Ask to know that Christ is yours, and that you are His, for here you will find a fountain to water your consecration and make it yield fruit to Christ’s service.
We see in Christ Jesus the alpha and the omega of the gospel.  He has provided in the treasury of grace all that is necessary to make the gospel the gospel of our salvation.
Personally, when I have been in trouble, I have read the Bible until a text has seemed to stand out of the book and salute me, saying "I was written especially for you."
It is an honor to believe what the lips of Jesus taught.  I would sooner be a fool with Christ than a wise man with the philosophers.
 God's own children have to go to school.  This is a great privilege for them, although they do not always think so.  Children are not often good judges of what is best for themselves.

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